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Breaking News: I ate Oatmeal

What would social media be like if everyone shared updates like, “I ate oatmeal today.” or “Plucked a chin hair. It was a tough one!” ….“Scooped out the kitty litterbox. 3 big clumps, this time!”

Sure, it might get a little boring and/or weird. But maybe it would help us remember that no one is really living a filtered, glossed-over highlight reel of a life, day in and day out. We get curated glimpses of lives, but we certainly don’t get the full picture. We see just the right angles, at just the right moments, with just the right filters. And that's just not rightly what life looks like.

We all have days that include mundane chores and activities. We all have times of struggle that aren’t dramatic as much as they are exhausting. But that’s easily forgotten when we get peeks of other people’s lives that are seemingly perfect and/or endlessly riveting.

In my view, social media is really just a giant scrapbook/bulletin board. We post the things we think are of interest/inspiring and/or important for others to know or consider. But if we really want to intimately know our friends, we have to spend quality time with them. Asking deeper questions about the past, the present, visions for the future. We may have a worldwide connection at our fingertips, but to truly connect with our friends, we have to reach out in more than 500 characters and an emoji.

It’s also important to note that being authentic about what we’re happy about or passionate about comes easy. But when it comes to expressing the struggles and drama we go through, for many of us, it feels as though we’re burdening others with our weight. Or worse, “begging” for attention. There is no shame in seeking for connection when we're hurting. It's a healthy human thing to do. When we can express what we’re feeling with the right people, they don’t attempt to take our load, they encourage us to work through it and let go of what’s holding us down. And hopefully, we do the same for our loved ones in their times of need.

I think the next time any of us feel any twinges of envy about someone else’s life and we can’t find a way to be inspired or motivated by them--- we should just picture them scrubbing the toilet or clipping their toenails and remember they’re just beautiful humans like the rest of us.

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