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Playing Dress Up

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Halloween is hands down my favorite holiday. For the entire month of October, I get giddier and giddier with each advancing day. And it seems I’m not alone. How glorious to honor the spookier elements of existence as the seasons transition into a darker time. But it’s more than that, right?

It’s a chance to commune with all the spirits on this Earth and beyond and unleash the spirits that reside within us. We get this cultural pass to be just about anyone or anything. I’ve been a potato, a witch, a fairy, a dinosaur, an intergalactic flower just to name a few. “Normal grown-up lady” is by far the strangest costume I ever don. — But they all represent a part of me.

I think many of us are drawn to the chance to express a side of ourselves that usually feels obligated to be stuffed down inside society’s tight-fitting box. Business clothes are just as much of a costume as any other they’re just usually not as fun to wear.

My hope is that when the jack-o-lanterns start to rot and the candy gets all eaten up, we still hold on to the knowledge that as long as we are being peaceful and respectful— we should feel free to move about the universe the way we see fit.

May we all dress how we want to dress, act like we want to act, say what we want to say, be who we want to be and set our spirits free!


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