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Season's Greetings

The changing of the seasons from fall to winter can be tumultuous to say the least. You always have permission to give yourself time and space to mourn what’s lost in the dark winter changes of your life. As we mourn and heal, we can also look forward to and prepare the soil for the upcoming spring blossoms. In the end, we only grow what we plant and nurture in our lives.

Change is inevitable and with major life changes, there is pain. Why wouldn’t there be? The lives we cultivate are grown deep in our hearts. When changes happen, the flowers of that reality either wither or get yanked out, yet the deepest roots remain.

The pain from this loss can cause us to let the garden in our soul become a haunted cemetery. One where we mourn the loss of what we once had and fear the phantoms we call the “unknown.” It is within all of us to build on those experiences of loss and what we’ve gained--on that fertile soil and grow more beautiful flowers. A garden enriched by our past and all the shit we’ve been through. Like all gardens, no time or energy was ever wasted as long as we keep growing.

I feel with great certainty that within each of us is the ability to grow, find contentment, and share our gifts with the world. It is within us all to positively influence the world around us to be a better, more vibrant place. We just have to keep planting and nourishing the collective soul in every season of our lives.

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