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Psychosocial Education for

Mental, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing


"Eliza is a natural born guide. Her presence is raw, real, deep, uplifting, and beautiful. The program was so helpful and I learned things about myself that have helped me grow and find more happiness and that I can take with me forever. I needed a space and a commitment to delve deeper into some things that I have been pushing under the rug for years. It was so real and inspiring and at times just down right fun. I'm greatful for this experience."

L.O - WH Group Member

"I was so pleasantly surprised with this program. I didn't realize how much I needed to explore and unburden myself from lifelong trauma amplified by recent events."

H. M. - WH Group Member

"This program series is a perfect fit for anybody looking for self-improvement, and the tools to heal and live a happier life."

C. A. - WH Group Member

"I feel closer to my family and wife now that I have had more time to reflect and speak openly."

E. E.  - WH Group Member

" Being a part of this has helped me self-reflect, and re-energize my past and current teachings. Eliza is extremely supportive and understanding in the art of happiness and healing! I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to heal from either past trauma, or looking to be more understanding, health-conscious, and loving for not only the world but themselves."

R. P.  / Healing Group Member

Tools for Transcendence

Register for

The Wholesomely Healing Group

9-Week Series: 

Tools for Transcendence

If you are experiencing

Anxiety  - Depression - Irritability

Weight instability - Chronic pain - Immune dysfunction



These symptoms are all natural responses to high levels of stress. The Tools for Transcendence program series is designed to holistically help you find the relief you need by reversing the physical and emotional damage caused by distressing life experiences. 

In this 9-week series, we engage in new activities of self-discovery and self-healing in a small supportive group as we unravel our history and resolve our current struggles.


This experience is as much play as it is self-work. 



Along with regular meditation, check-ins, and group discussions we’ll be

dancing, writing, nature walking, making art, and we’ll even be eating chocolate!

We'll be integrating tools developed by The Center of Mind-Body Medicine that have been proven to repair brain, nerve, and gut damage caused by high-levels of stress. This process of healing restores the functions of the immune system, memory, focus, self-awareness, judgment, emotional intelligence, and compassion.  

Through brain scans, these techniques have been proven to stimulate the growth of new tissues including brain cells in the prefrontal cortex and hippocampus, strengthen the vagus nerve, and heal the microbiome.

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