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Wholesomely Healing

Nourish Your Wholeness

 Mind, Body, and Heart

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Eliza Bailstein

Holistic Health Specialist for

Mental, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Certified by Duke University Integrative Medicine Health & Well-Being Program

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Find Your Way to 

Optimal Holistic Health

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Meet Eliza Bailstein

I am a psychosocial educator and holistic health specialist certified by Duke University Health and Wellbeing Program. 

I work with families and individuals looking to make lasting changes in their

Nutrition and Lifestyle Choices

Physical Activity

Physical Environment

Sleep and Rest

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

Sense of Fulfillment and Purpose

I offer one-on-one, couples and family counseling as well as lead support groups, helping my clients find their optimal wellness and a supportive community.

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Eliza Bailstein

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