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Psychosocial Education for

Mental, Physical and Emotional Wellbeing


"Eliza is a natural born guide. Her presence is raw, real, deep, uplifting, and beautiful. The program was so helpful and I learned things about myself that have helped me grow and find more happiness and that I can take with me forever. I needed a space and a commitment to delve deeper into some things that I have been pushing under the rug for years. It was so real and inspiring and at times just down right fun. I'm greatful for this experience."

L.O - WH Group Member

"I was so pleasantly surprised with this program. I didn't realize how much I needed to explore and unburden myself from lifelong trauma amplified by recent events."

H. M. - WH Group Member

"This program series is a perfect fit for anybody looking for self-improvement, and the tools to heal and live a happier life."

C. A. - WH Group Member

"I feel closer to my family and wife now that I have had more time to reflect and speak openly."

E. E.  - WH Group Member

" Being a part of this has helped me self-reflect, and re-energize my past and current teachings. Eliza is extremely supportive and understanding in the art of happiness and healing! I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to heal from either past trauma, or looking to be more understanding, health-conscious, and loving for not only the world but themselves."

R. P.  / Healing Group Member


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