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My Story

My name is Eliza Bailstein. I am a psychosocial educator.


I empower my clients by teaching hands-on practices, firmly grounded in science for leading a joyful, peaceful, healthy life.

I lead groups and offer one-on-one and couples counseling helping my clients find their optimal wellness. By developing a deeper understanding of your past experiences, and your present patterns, I help you create the future you want for yourself.

I am a graduate of Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL with a degree in Human Development focusing in Expressive Arts Therapy and Psychology. There I learned the science and art of holistic, healthy living on physical, psychological, social, and spiritual levels. 

I have spent the last decade furthering my in-depth holistic healing studies and working with and teaching traumatized children in foster homes and school settings. I lead women's empowerment groups and organize educational opportunities related to personal growth, creative self-expression, and environmental sustainability for a non-profit I co-founded, The Illumi-Nation Project, and our community outreach, Rising Light. 

I also write a weekly inspirational blog that includes uplifting, thought-provoking messages, nutritious and delicious recipes, self-healing tips and tricks, natural health remedies, and much more.

As a survivor of child abuse and neglect, I developed a variety of physical and mental health issues at a very young age. PTSD, obesity, depression, and anxiety debilitated me. I struggled to develop a healthy relationship with myself and others.


I was driven by the need to find relief and was lucky enough to have a few good teachers and friends direct me on a path of self-healing. I have devoted my life to self-care and paying it forward by helping others do the same.

If you're seeking guidance on a path to self-healing, I would be honored to be of service.


You’re the director and star of your life’s show-- make sure it’s something you want to play in. If it gets played out, you can always rewrite the script.

My Mission

I am here to offer education, support, guidance and empower others to heal themselves. It's my mission to help others recognize and release patterns that no longer serve them so they may create joyous, peaceful, healthy futures for themselves.

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