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I’ve always seen love like a vast ocean that we all swim in together. The more time and energy invested in one another, the deeper we find each other in this sea of love. But not a single being is left out on an island to dry.

So when I tell you I love you, you best believe it. No one has your exact heart or your gifts and I'm truly grateful that you exist.

Many of us have had enough painful experiences that it’s easy to believe that we’re unloved and SO damn hard to trust others when they say they love us. Days like Valentine's Day amplify this feeling.

While romantic love is lovely (no pun intended, okay, maybe a little. ;) ) it’s such a limited view of the most powerful force on Earth.

Not all of us have romantic partners right now. Some people don’t want one. Some relationships have changed and dissolved. Some aren't ready for one. Some are waiting for the right one. None of this means we’re unloved or unlovable.

It also should be said that the proof of love is not in doing something extravagant and costly on a specific day. It’s in showing up each day with kindness, thoughtfulness, honesty, and respect.

Whether you had a Valentine's or not, I highly recommend making yourself a card or at least writing yourself a love note. Give yourself a massage and feel free to get handsy with it. Go buy yourself some dark chocolate. Do it while they're still on sale! Make yourself a fancy meal. Take yourself on a date out in nature. Spin yourself around the dance floor. Look into the mirror into your eyes, say, “I love you” and hold your gaze until you feel it. Every day should be about loving ourselves just as much as we love others.

May we continue to dive deeper into the depths of this ocean!


<3 <3 <3

P.S. For all you lovers out there, check out my "Relationship Hacks: 101" post.

You can find the link below!

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