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2023—what do you have for me?

It's hard to believe we're spiraling into another year! When the new year rolls around, we often jump right into creating resolutions and goals for the future. But how do we know where we’re going if we haven’t taken a tally of where we’ve been?

The following are some fun activities to help you get the ball rolling before the ball drops!

When you reflect on the past year—

What were you doing on some of your best days – or even further back – maybe several years ago?

When were the moments you felt your healthiest and most vibrant—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually?

What do you consider some of your biggest wins from the past year?

What were the biggest challenges?

Who and what brought you comfort?

Who and what supported you when you needed it?

Who and what motivated you?

What lessons do you want to bring with you into the next year?

Who are the people?

Now take some deep breaths. Make sure to breathe in through your nose, filling your belly up completely. And then slowly releasing it. Turn on some music like this.

Think about your ideal life. When you answer the following questions don’t hesitate. Just let your hand take control. Don't worry about spelling, grammar or neatness. Your first thought is your best thought.

  1. What would you be doing if you were completely unafraid and not in pain (physically or mentally)?

  2. How would you be spending your days if money and other restrictions weren’t a problem?

  3. Who would be around you to support you and encourage you?

  4. Where would you be if you had unlimited resources?

    1. What would the temperature be and what would be wearing?

    2. What do you hear?

    3. Is there a particular scent in the air?

    4. What would the food look like that would help you nourish your body and spirit?

    5. What would your sleep routine look like?

    6. How would you move and use your body?

5. What are your reasons for wanting to create this life? Perhaps something like having freedom, helping others, peacefulness, health/wellness, comfort?

6. What motivates you to take steps toward making this vision a reality?

What will you feel when you're meeting your goals? Will you feel content, proud, ecstatic, blissful, peaceful, calm, overjoyed, warm, confident?

Once you have your answers to these journal questions:

Gather some magazines that speak to your interests. For example, I like to use magazines that focus on community building, travel, food, nature, health and wellbeing.

Now select words, pictures, colors, and themes that bring your dreams to life. When you look at these images, they should feature the answers you gave in your journal questions. They should remind you of why you’re doing what you’re doing and what’s most important to you.

Visualization is one of the most powerful tools we have. The more we fully envision the reality we seek to create, the closer we get to it. This vision board can be used as a roadmap for where we want to go. If we place this vision board somewhere where we see it on a daily basis-- this will prime our brains to notice those opportunities that pop up that resemble our goals and give us the confidence and comfort to go towards them.

It’s important that we be flexible and to set smaller benchmarks that encourage us on those bigger life goals. Each day is a new day to decide to live a life that makes us feel healthy, whole, and renewed. Please be gentle with yourself and release any judgment for however you came out of this year and into the new one.

For what it's worth the following are the resolutions that have served me for many years and continue to inspire me to be the human I wish to be.

I resolve to do my best to live as freely, joyfully, courageously, as genuinely, and as self & community-respecting as I possibly can muster.

I resolve to continue my journey of honoring my body, my mind, my spirit and nourish them to the best of my ability.

I resolve to give myself compassion and deep belly breaths when I fall short of my ideals.

I resolve to be discerning in who, what, and where I invest my energy and time. And direct it into my own evolution and prosperity.

I resolve to let hope, love, and compassion guide my actions rather than permit fear, resentment and shame take the wheel.

I resolve to surround myself with those who love me, respect me, honor my quest for wellbeing, and do the same for those I am around.

I resolve to see the value in every person, every animal, every plant, every speck of dirt, every vibrating molecule and do my best to love and learn from these life forces.

I do not know the lessons that await you. Or how or when you will learn them, but with great love and respect I resolve to honor your right to make your own future as I resolve to create mine.

I am resolute in these resolutions.


If you or someone you know would like more interactive activities like these and more support on your well-being journey, I would be honored to be of service! Please reach out and schedule a session!

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