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Nurture your Nature

This world is brimming with opportunities and experiences. And we have such a finite time on this planet to be here. Why would we want ourselves or anyone else to be forced to orbit around anything other than what we’re passionate about? I believe in nurturing nature—supporting a being's innate skillsets and passions. Every person has them. If we think back to how we spent our free time as young children or the things we daydream about doing—we’ll find them hidden in there.

I’m not saying we should only do the things that come extremely easy to us. Because where’s the fun in that? Overcoming obstacles and challenges makes life interesting. It fills us with a sense of accomplishment and purpose… when it’s actually something we want to achieve.

Encouraging ourselves and loved ones to at least try something once is reasonable. We never really know what something’s like until we experience it first-hand. And sometimes we have to keep trying it until we get a hang of it to really know if it’s something worth pursuing

But expecting and pushing our children or other loved ones to continue pursuing activities and careers that they’re not passionately interested in is unfair. It will likely lead to undue shame, guilt, frustration, anxiety, depression and disappointment on our end. We weren’t all born to be surgeons, lawyers, astronauts, NBA all-stars, and first-chair violinists. Some of us truly love caregiving, providing services, teaching, supporting crews behind the scenes, building, creating art and crafts, tinkering, repairing, growing, and harvesting. You know, I am sure there are people who love doing whatever the f- people do in a cubicle too. And that’s GREAT! We need all types to make this world go round. Maybe we don't have lofty titles. Many jobs don’t provide multi-figure incomes. But that does not make us lesser than our counterparts.

As Earthlings, we should all have access to stable shelter, clean water, healthy food, natural spaces to roam and revere, high-quality education and wellness care, and loving support systems. Our Mother blessed us with these gifts and none of us should have to go without them. If we lived in a society where those facets of life were easily accessible, none of us would hesitate to follow our natural passions.

When we pursue what really sets us on fire, we brighten up the world around us. And in return, the universe will have our backs. I know it’s difficult to trust that when we experience the waves of feast and famine but if we’re alive, that means at some level our basic needs are being met. And it's worth the struggle if we truly feel called to do it.

Nurture your nature and watch yourself grow!

If you or someone you know is looking for someone to help you nurture your nature, I would be honored to be of service.

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