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AI See You!

If you've been on any social media lately, you've likely come across people posting images of themselves created by artificial intelligence apps. These AI renditions of ourselves are fascinating. They’re beautiful pieces of art; even if they’re unethically co-opted from other artists. I’m really hoping by looking through this lens people are seeing the profound beauty in themselves. Because if you didn’t know it yet — YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!

But like all things, if we’re not mindful, technology like this has the potential to lead us to self-rejection of our natural form. Technology that encourages us to airbrush our images, places undue pressure on us to conform to unrealistic beauty standards. These apps are telling us we need to have smooth, dewy skin. We need large eyes, but small noses. Eyebrows just so. Skin color not too light, not too dark. It’s like Goldilocks is in charge of our faces.

There’s nothing new about us humans modifying our appearances. We’ve been doing it for millennia. I celebrate all forms of artistic, peaceful self-expression. I think we all at some level like decorating our outer shells to express our inner workings. And that can definitely be fun.

I decided many years ago I didn’t want to get into makeup. I wear eye makeup here and there but that’s where I’ve drawn the line. Literally. :) For me, it feels too time-consuming and expensive to dive into. But my biggest concern if I start to use makeup frequently, is that I wouldn’t like what I looked like without it. Especially if the chemicals in the makeup itself harmed my skin.

I want to be clear in saying I have no room or desire for judgment of others who make different lifestyle choices. If it makes you feel good and doesn’t harm you or anyone else, I say, go for it! But for me, I prefer my natural form and those of others.

I think that’s why I find people most attractive in nature. Whether we’re covered in dirt and sweaty or slick from natural waters-- All pretenses are gone. We’re just the wild, majestic creatures we were born to be in our natural element.

I think it's important that we find beauty in our unique human expressions. We weren't all meant to look the same. We are still full of beauty even if we don't conform to a robot's ideal human.

If not for us, at least for the sake of younger generations, I think it's important to acknowledge our own natural beauty and worth. Because after all, the relationship we have with ourselves will last a lifetime.

And if you needed another reminder:


You are the product of one single vibration blasting light into life and the care and love of millions to make the rare and uniquely radiant being you are.


If you need help seeing yourself or working through other life stresses, I'd be honored to be of service. Reach out today!

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