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Autumnal Equinox

That wisp of crisp coolness in the air is arriving just in time for the autumn! I love the way this part of the cycle brings us equal parts light and dark. It reminds us to equally honor the light and dark spaces within and outside of ourselves too. And it’s a signal we can slow down from pushing all that energy outward into the blazing hot summer and start storing it deep within ourselves before the winter season begins.

Our ancestors knew this was a perfect time to take stock of what and how we’ve grown and reap what we’ve sown.

Time to take stock of what and how we’ve grown and reap what we’ve sown!

What in your life is falling into place because of the seeds you’ve planted? I know, life can get so busy. - I know our goals can be so lofty. I know other people's gardens can look so fruitful. Yet, when we step back and take a gander at our own lives, there are flowers blooming there too and more starting to take root.

What new relationships have sprouted in your life? How have the relationships grown that have already been firmly planted there? What new rows have you planted in your path that nourish your sense of purpose? Gratitude is what fertilizes the soil we're in. Gratitude both for the fruitfulness of our lives and all the toil, for every drop of sweat, for every tear shed, for the opportunities to grow again.

In this fast paced life, we can be disheartened when we don’t immediately get to reap the benefits of our efforts. Often we start a new business but only a few bucks trickle in. We start taking lessons but can only play a few chords. We make a new connection but still haven’t developed a deep intimacy. We start eating well and exercise, but still haven’t reached our health goals. This doesn’t mean we have to raze those beds to the ground. We just have to be patient, nurturing, and tenacious-just like nature.

Equally important to consider is what do you need to shed and let blow away like the leaves on a tree? What are the habits and thoughts that no longer serve you? Relationships that pollute your garden? More than focusing on ripping out habits that have their roots firmly planted within us, it's important to focus on planting new joyful habits that will crowd them out.

When we reframe our thinking to the pace of nature, we can see we’re not going to have a whole forest after a single season of planting. But if we look closer, we see new growth has started to sprout all around everything we’ve planted and nurtured. And that growth, even it’s slight, is a sign we’re on the right track.

So here's to the autumnal equinox and equilox!

May your harvest be fruitful and your life abundant!

<3 <3 <3

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