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Becoming Eco-Friendlier

Every Earth Day I celebrate by asking myself, how can I be eco-friendlier?

Here are a few simple changes I’ve made in the last few years that are budget-friendly too.

All organic veggies and mushrooms from our local farmers market, Warden Farms. This means my money supports pesticide-free farming which benefits the Earth as well as a lower carbon footprint as the farms are nearby.

<Pro-Tip: Food stamps are DOUBLED at the Saturday Morning Market in St. Pete.>

Growing some of our own food and herbs.

Collards, kale, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, pigeon peas, papayas, mint, and rosemary grow with little to no effort other than healthy soil and watering.

Berkey water filter and reusable water bottles. With a lifetime warranty, it’s well worth the investment providing purified water and never having to buy plastic water bottles again.

Using Non-Toxic Cleaning Products: White vinegar + baking soda or hydrogen peroxide for items needing bleach and sage smudging.

Shampoo bar soap. The soap lathers as well as shampoo without the plastic and lasts longer than bottled. It also travels much easier!

Composting all food scraps and lawn clippings and yard debris. The garden LOVES it! "Recycling food and other organic waste into compost provides a range of environmental benefits, including improving soil health, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, recycling nutrients, and mitigating the impact of droughts."

Recycling and reusing everything we can and purposefully buying products that can be recycled.

No more plastic trash bags. Since we don’t put food in our garbage, plastic trash bags have become obsolete. I just take our bin straight to the dumpster.

Menstrual cup. Tampons and pads not only fill up our landfills and sewers, but they're also a waste of money.

Biking to work and to play and car-sharing. Not only am I limiting fossil fuels being exhausted in the atmosphere, I save thousands of $$$ by only driving when necessary. And my body gets the added bonus of fresh air and exercise.

Thrift stores and clothing swaps. 90% of my clothes and many of our household items are 2nd hand. You'd be surprised how many barely worn/used items get donated.

Voting and canvassing for local politicians like Eunic Ortiz and Richie Floyd that prioritize the health of the environment.

Spending money with local businesses and corporations that are eco-friendly--check out my directory for local, small businesses that do their part to help our planet.


Humans may be the cause of much destruction, but we are also the solution. All of the other creatures have figured it out. We too can help regenerate the Earth while living happily and comfortably, just not greedily.

May today and every day we respect and be the caretakers of the precious resources our Mama abundantly shares with us. And may we actively teach our children to do the same so that future generations may also thrive and live in harmony with our beautiful planet. Amen.

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