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Congratulations, You Tried!

We don’t give enough celebration to trying but falling short of success. I know it’s disappointing when it happens. And that should be felt too. But if we give it our all and fail anyway, it means we had the guts to do something we have yet to perfect. As long as we take the time to learn from the loss, we’ve won. 

We’ve won knowledge. We’ve won humility. Hopefully we’ve won the courage to try again.

Instead of standing on the sidelines and confining ourselves to doing only the things we know we’re great at—we can choose to challenge ourselves to grow, to expand, to learn.

This world offers infinite opportunities to choose from to make a ripple effect of change. If we try, no matter the outcome, the waves of change have begun and it inspires others to do the same. And if we're open about our struggles, others get to learn from us avoid taking the same path.

So run for that political office. Strive to right those wrongs. Get on stage and play that tune. Shoot your shot with that hottie. Apply for that grant. Sign up for that race. Break those generational wounds in your home and communities. Replace those patterns that aren’t serving you. Try and try again.

Because in the end, we’ll be more proud of the ways we strived to improve our circumstances and the circumstances of those around us than all the times we resigned to the comfort of staying the same.

No matter the outcome, I'm rooting for you!

<3 <3 <3

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