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Eggplant Tahini Dip


2 large eggplants

3 garlic cloves minced

3 T of tahini

1T fig jam

Juice of one lemon

Sea Salt

Olive oil for roasting the eggplants and for drizzling on top

1/4 c Roasted pumpkin seeds


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

  2. Slice eggplants lengthwise in half slabs

  3. Season the eggplant with salt, spice blends such as Bragg Organic Sprinkle 24 Herbs and Spices Seasoning and olive oil

  4. Place in baking pan and roast the eggplants until they're all deflated and soft on the outside.

  5. Once slightly cooled cut the eggplant in half and scoop out the flesh into a blender or Vitamix.

  6. Chop the eggplant flesh it will almost turn into a paste.

  7. Add lemon juice, salt, tahini, jam and garlic

  8. Garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds

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