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First Aid-Kit

There are just some wounds that can’t be fixed with a first-aid kit. And some dark places we can travel to that make it hard to see there’s an exit.

We can be stuck feeling paralyzed and feeding ourselves lies. Questioning our worth and place here on Earth.

But listen closely inside there’s a voice that speaks strong and true, it says, “Everything you seek for is inside of you. This reality—it’s all an illusion. An elaborate ruse filled with confusion. All the suffering, all the joy, it’s all been a big ploy meant to break our hearts wide open and so that light will fill any void.

The medicine you seek for, it’s out and within. Just take a deep breath and let it in.

When you step out of your self and expand your bubble, you’ll see we’re all one, each a piece of a magnificent puzzle.

The point of life isn’t to be accomplished and impress others. It’s to rise up in oneness with our sisters and our brothers You’ll climb and you’ll fall, just keep trying, don’t quit. Do what you can, when you can, that’s it. You in yourself, you are enough. You may not see it yet, but you are a diamond in the rough. Just love yourself and all that you see and when you feel overwhelmed, remember to breathe."

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