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Future Adults

From my perspective, children are here to take the torch from us, learn from us, inspire us, and more importantly--teach us. I am constantly learning and growing from my experiences with children. They have made me more compassionate, patient, humbled, innovative, flexible, and curious.

I've been blessed with the ability to spend most of my career empowering children and young adults by providing therapeutic counseling along with teaching them basic life skills, social skills, and how to live a joyful, creative, nature-loving life. It's breathtaking to see children blossom when they’re empowered with consistent unconditional, non-judgmental love and guidance.

One of my current little gurus has given me one of my favorite mantras. She says, “This is hard, but I can do hard things!” This is her self-pep talk she gives whenever she's struggling with a new skill. She could be pulling up her pants or rotating a puzzle piece or practicing a multitude of new skills, but it's the confidence that's instilled in her that keeps her going. I know this is the voice of her parents that has become her own. It fills my heart with hope whenever I hear her say it and makes me so grateful to her family.

I have endless gratitude for all those who understand that it’s our duty to treat children with the respect and dignity of the future adults that they are. Those who do this know children will one day be running this world. They’ll be making our laws. Teaching the next generations, healing the sick, creating, innovating, serving, and caring for us and the planet when we are older. We want them to be confident, generous, creative beings.

We’re here to raise children UP. We’re not owners of children. They’re not our playthings or trophies or avatars to live vicariously through— we’re just Earthly tour guides for these little humans.

I’m not saying it’s always easy or for the faint of heart. It takes a village of support, and so much love, energy, time, patience, compassion, creativity, vulnerability, somehow even more patience. It can be hard, but we can do hard things! And they’re worth every loving ounce of it!

So here’s to all you beautiful beings raising our future by building children up rather than trying to break them down!

P.S. For all of you with little ones I recommend: Janet Lansbury and Generation Mindful --They offer very helpful guidance and tools to help with teaching emotion regulation at a young age.

For parents of both younger and older children: GrokTheWorld offers many helpful tools and games to practice Non-Violent Communication and help with conflict resolution and communication.

I also would like to offer my support services. I offer 1:1 socio-emotional teaching and counseling for children in elementary-high school ages. I also offer counseling for adults to help you navigate all the complexities of life, raising children included. Please reach out to me for a free consultation!

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