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Giving a F*

I once heard someone say, “I don’t normally give a f---. But for you, I’d give one. Two, even!” At the time, the statement gave me a good chuckle. But upon reflection, I feel like this may be a key to personal peace. As a girl in love with the world and all the beings in it—I feel like I was born with more than my fair share of f----s to give. But as time moves on, I seem to have less to give to what I deem as trivial. I imagine this is the case for all of us. It’s like we’re all allotted a certain amount and then they dwindle with time.

Rather than working ourselves up about every little thing that pops up, it make sense to focus our f---- energy on what and who directly affect our lives and our wellbeing. Then if we have some left to spare, we can distribute the rest where our passions and interests lie. How we disperse them is up to us. Personally, how strangers perceive me warrants less than how I perceive myself. Social justice gets more of mine than celebrity gossip. What my outer shell looks like gets less than what I cultivate within. Expensive material items get less of my concern than nature and her wild abundance. But that’s just me. Who knows if my f----s are going to the right place?

My point is this—with these finite fucks to give, whatever or whoever we give them to better be worth it. So here's to giving fucks where fucks are due!

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