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How Are You?

How are you doing?

Who are you?

What do you do?

Where have you been?

Where are you going?

Why are you here?

On the surface, these everyday questions seem so simple that we give quick responses and move on. Sometimes I think I have a grip on the answers myself but when I stop to reflect, I realize I’m just grasping smoke. These answers aren’t static, they’re contextual. They are as ever-evolving as we are.

What I do know is that we all have gifts to share. We all have needs to be met. We all have souls within us that wish to extend out into the universe and connect. They burst out in our words, in our movements, in the way we dress and act. And the more we set them free and allow them to guide our path, the more authentic and unbridled we feel.

As long we are doing our best to lead joyful lives that do more good than harm, then we’re on the right track.

So— whoever you are— whatever it is you are doing — however you are doing it —where ever it is you have been and where ever you are going— I am grateful for your existence and I hope you keep evolving, learning, uncovering, and loving YOU.


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