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Kinds of Kindness

All too often kindhearted people get stepped on, disregarded, or labeled as “weak”. It's so backwards. Kindness is an ultimate STRENGTH! Think about how much willpower it takes to be kind and respectful to those who are not. We’ve all seen the strength and power of kindness and love transform unpleasant situations and people into positive ones.

But it needs to be said:

Kindness does not mean we have to be non-confrontational.

Or always agreeing and holding our tongues when we don’t.

Kindness doesn't require us to cower and avoid standing up for ourselves or others.

It can be a difficult balance being a kind and powerful being. It seems many people think the two can’t coincide. It’s as if kind folks don’t have the luxury of disagreeing or showing displeasure. To honestly speak up and vocalize our disagreement shows respect. It says, "I respect your intelligence and believe in your ability to empathize. And I value our relationship and value myself and those I'm protecting enough to voice my feelings and thoughts." It might be uncomfortable in the moment, but as long as we're being honest and doing our best to be cognizant that we're saying it in the most loving way possible-- then we're doing a service to humanity.

It's a delicate balancing act to ride the duality of being kind, yet honoring our power. I'm as concerned about hurting people’s feelings with my honesty almost as much as I am about regretting the consequences when I don’t speak up. I yin-yang back and forth from saying how I feel right then and there and holding off until I find the courage and exact words I want to say in the right time and place. I can feel the air get sucked out of the room when I voice my disagreement or displeasure. I can also feel the punch in my gut when I cower down and don’t speak up.

To own our power, we don’t have to abuse anyone. Or be excessively aggressive and greedy. Only people when we're feeling weak do we exhibit those behaviors. It's within us all to be nurturers, caregivers, peacemakers. Those are vital powers in themselves. But we also have within us, fierce protectors that can peacefully defend ourselves and others in need. We too can be seekers and gatherers, capable of meeting and asking for our needs.

So here’s to all of you kind, powerful beings. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for being loving. Thank you for being respectful to others and yourself. I am endlessly grateful and inspired by the path you lead!

Infinite love and blessings to you all!

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