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Liberty and Justice for All

It seems strange to celebrate Independence Day when liberties are actively being stripped and denied in this country. But I am a fervent patriot.

I pledge allegiance to this Earth and all her Earthly children. I love this land and every single being that lives on it, even if I don’t always agree with them.

In my mind's eye, I can see liberty and justice for all.

I envision a world where each one of us can freely live peacefully and love openly, speak our minds, make choices for our own bodies.

A world where we all can freely access high-quality food, water, air, holistic healthcare, housing, education, and careers.

Where we can freely express ourselves in our style, art, religion, and move about the country and world without harassment and violence.

One where we’re free to grow, use and harvest food and medicine, collect rainwater and renewable energy, and use composting toilets all across the land.

A world where we can freely and peacefully play, rest, sleep, and live on public land.

A world where laws and the economy bend to the will of the people, not corporations.

A world FREE of wars, for-profit Prisons- Prison labor - ICE Detention Camps - Arrest quotas- Stop and Frisk - Anti-abortion laws - ICE harassment - College debt - Environmental pollution and destruction.

A world FREE of the type of police that use military-grade weapons, rubber bullets, pepper spray, tear gas, and armored vehicles against public demonstrators.

Just because I acknowledge that the U.S is founded on slavery and genocide and that these practices continue to reverberate in every single system doesn’t make me “hate” this place. I don’t hate this country or anything else for that matter. I love, respect, and believe in the goodness of every human being so much that I can envision us all living up to the ideals of basic human decency.

Imaginary lines across lands and water may keep us separate in our minds but our fates are ALL INTERTWINED.

We are each one beautiful thread in the fabric of life. And it’s up to us to sew this fabric together, one stitch of compassion in action at a time.

I hope holidays like July 4th can be used to liberate our minds, open our hearts, and brainstorm for a FREE FUTURE FOR ALL.

Please vote, love, embrace, listen, speak up, and stand up for the freedoms of all. So that true freedom may ring throughout the universe.

For those wanting to fight for reproductive justice--

Support Keep Our Clinics, a campaign that is led by the Abortion Care Network to fund and support independent clinics to continue providing lifesaving abortion care.”

Check out the National Network of Abortion Funds. This website is comprised of local abortion funds across key states that are already putting bans and restrictions into effect. These funds will help people get funds, childcare, the cost of the procedure itself, while also providing emotional support.

Contact your state legislators and federal legislators, and have hard conversations with friends and family members. Every single person needs access to the abortion they need, when they need it, for the reasons that make sense for their lives.

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