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Listening to the Voices of Voiceless

Every living thing speaks in a language of its own. But are we listening? Plants will tell us with a droop of a leaf they’re thirsty. Berries burst with juice and color to tell us they're ready to be eaten. Birds will sing for their need for some good lovin’. Cats relay their discomfort with a spray of their pungent pee. The Earth screams for her need to be balanced by sending out natural disasters to every continent.

Striving to stay in constant conversation with the world around us keep us present, keeps us grounded, keeps us tapped into the inner workings of this vibrating tapestry. When we carve out space to pause and quietly listen, our senses translate the messages of the world for us.

Honestly, sometimes it feels easier to claim ignorance rather than taking the time to listen to those voices of the voiceless

. But our senses lead us where we need to go—to what and who naturally feels good and fortifying, tastes nice and nourishing, smells lovely, brings beauty and curiosity-quenching goodness to our eyes and ears. On an instinctual level, we are always receiving messages, how we choose to respond to them is up to us.

We’re a part of the animal kingdom, not above it. Our ancestors understood this profound truth. In various cultures, this wisdom has been preserved and passed down through generations. I’m infinitely grateful to be in community with all of you who choose this path. By embracing our place within the larger web of life, we cultivate a deeper respect and reverence for natural world and the creatures that share it with us and reminded we are not alone.

It’s on us to tune in to the symphony of existence. And when we do, we'll not only be enhancing our own well-being but also contributing to the flourishing of the ecosystems that sustain us all. My prayer is that we all reclaim our innate ability to communicate with the world and listen to the wisdom of all the voices that nature speaks to us through.

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