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Love is Sensational

Love is sensational in the truest meaning of the word. If we look for it, it can be seen with our eyes in the actions that are taken. If we listen for it, it can be heard with our ears in the tones that are created. It can be tasted by our tongue in the foods that are made. We can smell it wafting in each breath we intake. But most of all, we can feel it deep within each atom quake.

But many of us have had enough painful experiences that we shut off our senses just to protect our hearts from getting hurt again. And what is life without sensation?-- A dark, lonely void. And in a dark void, we no longer see the love that's all around us. We can no longer hear it coming to us in words that are spoken. We can no longer taste it in food or smell it in the air. We become numb to its vibration.

In that darkness, it’s easy to believe that we’re unloved and so damn hard to trust others when they tell us we’re loved. And the only way out of that darkness is to start by giving love to ourselves. That can feel hard when we don't feel worthy enough for that effort. But I assure you, YOU ARE! Finding others who love themselves enough to have some extra to share with us can be helpful on this path. Slowly but surely the light of love will twinkle in our eyes once more.

A lot of people were hurting this past week because of the way Valentine's Day is generally celebrated in the US. When love is seen as something that's only highly valuable when it's between a romantic partner, those without one or have one that they're not satisfied with, can be left feeling lonely and downtrodden.

Not all of us have romantic partners right now. Some people don’t want one. Some relationships have changed and dissolved. Some aren't ready for one. Some are waiting for the right one. Some have romantic partnerships that they’re miserable in. None of those circumstances makes us less precious or worthy of the type of love that lets us feel free, seen, and cherished.

Today I challenge you to look yourself in the eye and tell yourself, "I love you" and list all the reasons you love yourself. And hold that gaze until you see the light shining back.

Sing yourself a song of love or make a playlist of your favorite self-love songs like this one. Make yourself a meal that's delicious and nutritious filling yourself up with your love.

Move and stretch your body and take deep nourishing breaths filling each cell with loving oxygen. And go out into the world with that love you've cultivated within and radiate it out.

In case you haven't heard it enough today: YOU ARE LOVED, oh yes you are, and it's a beautiful thing. You are precious and radiant and your existence gives a reason for the birds to sing.


If you or someone you know would like someone to support your journey to self-love and cultivating loving relationships,
I would be honored to be of service.
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