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Nature's Pace

When we look at nature we clearly see, that way growth and transformation take time and incubation.

Tiny cells-->tiny eggs-->larvi--> caterpillars-->cocoons-->butterflies

Tiny seeds-->sprouts-->saplings-->trees-->entire forests!

Most of us accept the natural pace of other living beings, but when it comes to our own lives, we tend to be impatient and judgmental. The truth is, we can be as impatient as we want, nature is nature and we cannot rush the growth or the healing.

Our society as a whole has gotten so consumed by the “necessity” for instant gratification-- “quick fixes”, “express lanes”, “on demand.” So much so, it becomes difficult for us to respect our own natural pace in the transformation process.

Change only happens when we stop focusing on our old habits and begin focusing on and practicing new routines. Yes, this takes awareness. It takes patience, willpower, and the conscious choice to surround ourselves in environments with people that support our change and model it in their own lives, but every one of us is worth this effort!

Destruction happens quickly; watch a toddler with her blocks. It takes a lot of energy out of her to build a tower and no time at all to kick it down. This is the same for all of us. Our growth comes in fits and starts. We can make huge strides and slip back into an old habit after a stressful day. That doesn’t negate the progress we’ve made. We just have to remind ourselves that it’s okay to slip up as long we get back up. We have the power to start again and it’ll be easier to get back on that path than the last time it was all new to us.

I believe to be gently powerful is the ultimate strength. Water carves a canyon not by one destructive rain, but with steady persistence, patience, and confidence in its path.

So here’s to our persistence!

Here’s to our patience!

Here’s to our confidence in our path!

Here’s to the love we give and receive!

Here’s to our future!

I believe in you! I believe in me!

I believe in us!

We’ve got this!

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