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Paradise is a State of Mind

By no means do I believe we should play the ostrich with our heads in the sand. Even if choosing to be compassionate, socially and politically engaged humans can be disheartening at times-- it's just about the only solution to making our society whole and healthy.

It’s important to remember: that paradise is a state of mind, not a physical location. The lenses with which we choose to see the world through make all the difference in our sense of well-being and our ability to create a hope-filled future.

It’s from a privileged position that I’m able to make these distinctions because I have my basic needs met and not everyone does. I’m cognizant of that. I’m honored to share what I can with those in need and to vote and act in ways to benefit the whole.

No matter what position we’re in, there’s plenty of neuroscience research to support that reframing our situations can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. When times get tough, I’m always searching for the re-frame.

Massive diarrhea is a discounted detox flush.

Rainy days mean my garden is singing.

Hot, muggy days mean it’s time to go swimming.

Loss leaves room for gains.

An estranged father who behaves like an offensive buffoon at your sister’s wedding is a free clown.

Policies and politicians that harm the well-being of others are opportunities to use our voices and our choices for positive change.

Who wins when we let the behavior of fearful, greedy humans take our personal sense of peace from us? Not us. I will not let despair and bitterness be the ruling forces in my life. I hope none of us will. And I hope that we all remember that there is joy to be found. There are curiosities to quench. There are challenges to be met with creativity and collaboration.

Sending love to you and yours!

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