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Presence is Precious

Genuine presence is a precious gift. Especially when we’re living in a world where it’s commonplace to be in a room full of people completely ignoring one another, only to be staring at electronic screens.

Whether it be the simple act of eye contact and truly listening and reflecting on what another is saying. Meeting another’s needs or desires without even having to be asked. Hugging someone a little tighter. Recalling a memory of something someone said or did in the past. Or remembering the lyrics to someone’s song.

What we’re saying is:

You are worthy of taking up space and time in my mind and heart. What a spectacular thing! Even for just moment, we are FLOATING through our loved one's stream of thoughts, BEATING in our loved one’s heart!

Despite our best intentions and even sometimes the wishes of our loved ones, there’s no way to healthily give each other constant attention. That’s draining and makes us no good to anyone. But what we can do, is intentionally give our full focus and attention to one another for periods of time when it counts the most. That really is enough.

Never forget: we are worthy of just as much of our own attention and love too!

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