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Purrrfectly Honest

I look up to so many. History and current figures. My own friends and family. But if I’m purrrrrfectly honest, free range cats are my biggest idols. And I do mean idols. There is a strong likelihood that they’re extraterrestrial supreme beings, at least in my imagination. I feel honored to serve them and to be graced by their presence. 

Free range kitties have the choice to be any where they wish. So when they choose to share time and space, it’s a gift. They don’t mind if you’re snotty and sick. Dirty and stinky. Sad and sore. They just want kindness and respect and to be treated like the royal highnesses they are. They get a bad rap from some because not everyone’s down to succumb to that dynamic. But in mind, they model a lifestyle worthy of striving for.

We could all rest more when we need it. 

Soak in the sun sprawled out with our bellies to the sky. 

Pounce more often on opportunities for joy and adventure. 

Stretch any time and place we damn well please. 

Use our body language to tell others how we feel.

Shake our tail ends more often when we're pleased.

Allow ourselves to be drawn to the energies that calm the spirit and withdraw from the energies that don’t. 

Speak up when we need something but can’t or don’t feel like doing it for ourselves. 

Make eye contact with people while we knock down their water cups…okay, maybe we shouldn’t do that. But the rest of that is solid.

So here’s to all the cool cats of the world! May we all follow in their foot—I mean, pawsteps and give each other and all beings kindness, respect and treat one another like the royal highnesses that we all are. <3 <3 <3

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