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Grandest New Year to you, sweet friends!

I woke up this morning wondering what life would be like if we all just resolved to give each other and ourselves the grace and space to be human. To let people feel how we feel. To peacefully express what we need to express. Love the way we want to love. Peacefully live the way we want to live. Process the way we need to process. To make mistakes and to try again. To grow and go at our own pace.

Life can be complicated and messy. Heartbreaking and hostile. But I’m convinced that our experience of life is really what we focus our energy on. None of us alone can fix the world’s problems. But we can resolve to try to make all the spaces we occupy a little warmer, a little nicer, a little more peaceful than before we got there. Enjoying the NOW while seeding the soil for a joyful future is the best any of us can do.

There’s so much pressure to change around the new year. But our lives don’t change just because the Earth made a complete rotation around the sun. They change with our choices.

For what it’s worth these are the resolutions I choose for myself each day:

  • I resolve to do my best to live as freely, courageously, as self & community respecting as I possibly can muster.

  • I resolve to continue my journey of nourishing my body, my mind, my spirit to the best of my ability.

  • I resolve to give myself compassion and deep belly breaths when I fall short of my ideals.

  • I resolve to be discerning in who, what, and where I invest my energy and time. And direct it into my own evolution and prosperity.

  • I resolve to let hope, love, and compassion guide my actions rather than permitting fear, resentment and shame take the wheel.

  • I resolve to surround myself in those who love me, respect me, honor my quest for wellbeing and to do the same for those I am around.

  • I resolve to see the value in every person, every animal, every plant, every speck of dirt, every vibrating molecule and do my best to love and learn from these life forces.

I am resolute in these resolutions.

While I don’t know the lessons that await you. Or how or when you’ll learn them— with great love and respect I resolve to honor your right to make your own future as I resolve to create mine.

With every beat of my heart I send out a wish for you to have…

*A loving, supportive family, even if it is not biological.

*Radiant health for you and your loved ones—physically and mentally.

*Healthy food, clean water, safe shelter, mind-expanding education.

*A harmonious life with nature and all her children.

*Equity, compassion, and celebration of all your uniqueness.

*Peace in your country, in your community, in your relationships, and in your heart.

*Love so expansive and infinite that it cracks your heart wide open and awakens it, even if it’s been guarded and hardened from the past.

*The release of all fears that prevent you from listening to your heart, so that you may trust your instincts and go after your passions.


Happy New Year!

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