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Safe Place

Life can throw one curve ball after another and as skilled as we may be with the mitt, sometimes those balls end up beaning us in the head and heart. But then there are people who show up and provide us shelter in the dugout while we ice our wounds. These people are safe places in human form. Safe in the sense that a person can feel safe to cry. Or laugh. Or swoon or be silly. Or eat with abandon, rant and rave, doze off. Explore ideas. Ache and ail, no make up, no filter—be a full human freely feeling and expressing themselves authentically without fear of judgment, retribution or abuse. Each and every one of you who have chosen to be that for yourself and others make this world worth living in. We aren’t meant to go it alone. We’re here to take turns being those safe places for each other. I believe this to my very core.

Sometimes we are safe places for others but don’t feel comfortable asking others to be safe places for us. That imbalance causes dis-ease. Don’t be afraid to seek shelter from the safe places in your life. Or to seek out professional safe places to provide that for you. We all need them. And you deserve all the love and safety you provide others.

If you or someone you know is seeking a safe place. Please reach out. Starting in January, I will be taking on new clients and I’d be honor to provide that safety for you or a loved one. I partner with adults and teens who are looking for a partner to help them develop holistic health routines to improve their physical and mental wellbeing so they may create joyous, peaceful, healthy futures for themselves. We apply mindfulness techniques to come up with individualized plans and action steps to help them reach their optimal vision of a healthy, whole life.

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