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Stretching the Fibers

The universe and all of us within it are essentially one vibrating woven tapestry. I imagine the threads that connect us behave much like muscle fibers. The more time and energy we spend with and on each other, the stronger the bond. If we’re together more often than not though, those fibers are tight and stiff. So naturally, when we part from each other, those cords get stretched and tear in the inflexible places. This process makes us sorely miss one another. I think that’s what makes it especially painful for young children and their parents or couples to be physically apart.

Just as muscles need to stretch to stay limber, our connections need the same flexibility. Reminding ourselves and each other that the cords can and will stretch no matter the time and distance allows us to loosen up and keep the energy flowing between us. The more flexible we are, the more graceful this cosmic dance becomes for us. Otherwise, we develop knots that interfere with the natural pulse of our connection. At least until we smooth them out again.

Sometimes we realize the bond we have is unhealthy and wish to cut all cords completely. It's a healthy impulse to remove ourselves from harms way. But attempting to cut all the cords is not only excruciating, it’s futile. We're connected whether we like it or not. If we're in need of an alteration in our section of the tapestry, we can intentionally loosen the threads. How much energy and what type we flow through that line has always been decided by our thoughts and actions. If we so choose, we can methodically untangle those bonds by focusing our thoughts and energy on the patterns and people we do want to weave in. Eventually, we no longer feel the strain, just a slight tug when we reminisce.

As you stretch beyond your comfort zones, may you remember with every fiber of your being that you are securely fastened to the vibrant tapestry of existence.

<3 <3 <3

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