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Summer Solstice Salutation

The summer solstice—

such a de-LIGHTFUL time of year.

As we look around, everything seems to be abuzz. The flora and the fauna are out in full force doing their wild things. That surging energy is contagious! If we catch the buzz, we can feel it lighting us up from the inside-out. The more we allow our passions to fuel our inner sun, the more we emit our own special light making the world around us brighter and warmer.

All this extra light can make us forget that even as wonderful as the sun can be, balance is key. We can only be in direct sunlight for so long before it ends up burning us out and zapping us of energy. We require safe shelter to rest and cool off and we need time to refresh ourselves in the calming waters.

So too, we can only burn so brightly before we burn ourselves out. It's easy to pack these long days so fully that we don't even step back to delight in what we're doing. It’s essential to take pauses and cool down. These moments gives us the opportunity to clearly look at ourselves in all our glory.

What and who makes us smile as brightly as the summer sun?

What and who are worth pouring our light into?

What and who are zapping us of our energy?

What are behaviors that we’re ready to let burn up and leave behind before they scorch us?

What shadows we still lurking behind us that are ready to be faced head-on?

No one can answer these questions for us. They’re for us to uncover and us alone. And the answers will change along with the changing our life’s seasons. That’s part of the magic of this journey. Before our sun sets we get the opportunity to experience this world and all it has to offer. The love. The sorrow. The weird. The wild. And everything in between the Earth and Sky.

As the sun spirals its longest dance, may you twirl alongside it. As nature blossoms and blooms, may your spirit do the same. And as the rain comes down may it provide you the nourishment that heals you deep down to your roots, onwards and upwards as you rise! <3

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