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The Dance of Life

Life is a modern ballet. We are the dancers. The more flexible and creative we’re willing to be— the more interesting the song and dance of life will be. Expecting ourselves to consistently be leaping through the air and shimmying with delight even when the sounds of life call for a different movement, will only leave us feeling out of step and tone-deaf.

One of the trickiest moves is gracefully flowing through disappointment and grief. As much as we might like to be, we’re not always the composers or directors. So we don’t always get to play what we want when we want it. When those melancholy melodies fill the air, there’s no shame in crumpling down, rolling around and perhaps even banging our fists on the floor.

Giving ourselves permission to fall down and fully embody what our life is playing for us allows us to stretch muscles that rarely get to be used. We might realize while we’re down that there are valuable steps to be learned and that there is beauty still to be found within the notes. And before long, it’s time to ascend once again. After all, the dance floor tends to be pretty sticky and not a place where one usually needs to remain for long once that space has been explored.

And oh what a feeling, rising back up after taking those dips. We appreciate those leaps and bounds more so and even the smooth, calm rhythms are more delightful.

My hope is that when the rhythm of life calls us to do it, we move and groove with it. Who cares if we look silly shaking our groove thangs or even just shuffling from side to side? If it brings us joy, if it brings us peace, if it brings us wisdom—that dance is meant to be danced. Dance on, my friends, until that last note sounds its last!


If you or someone you know is looking for a dance partner to support you in your dips and other movements, I’d be honored to be of service!

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