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The Great Escape

Must we toil - grind - hustle our way through life or feel guilty and ashamed when we resist that mindset? What if life isn’t about finding the next great escape but about creating a great life we wish to be present and active in here and now?

There are treasures beyond the material. And that gets lost when pleasure and relaxation hinge on two days a week or vacations a few times a year and then the rest of our waking hours are spent working jobs that don’t fulfill us. That type of life tends to lead us to compensate in ways that don’t serve our wellbeing.

When we were little, we let joy and curiosity drive our day. But along the way, we often forget where we came from. We forget we’re just pure light travelers occupying these human forms for a finite time. We are designed to be experiencing all life offers and learn and grow from those experiences. Obviously, we all need to eat. We all need shelter and comforts. But it is possible to meet those needs while spending our days doing what we love, with people we deeply care about, sharing our gifts and passions, living closely with the Earth and her Earthly children.

So what are you passionate about?

What lights you up?

What gifts and skills do you wish to share?

Who are the people you wish to surround yourself with?

What brings you joy?

What feeds your curiosity?

If you don't know those answers, great! You know where to start. Dig deep.

The answers are inside when we quiet our minds.

If you're seeking a person to help you explore those questions, practice meditation and more, I'm honored to be of service. Contact me to make an appointment.

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