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The Recess Bell is Ringing!

Why does getting and staying healthy have to be so damn serious? I’m not buying it. As far as I’m concerned, health and joy go hand-and-hand.

I believe it’s our serious responsibility to leave room for fun. For play. For spontaneity. For creative endeavors purely for pleasure. No one knows how long we’re going to be here. Living it up with purpose and play just feels right. And it’s proven that including play into our lives reduces stress, increases problem-solving, and improves overall well-being. So it is the responsible thing to do.

When most of us were little, we found joy in learning how to take care of ourselves and in doing chores. We pridefully showed off our “big kid” skills to any one willing to watch. Years later we big kids became adults laden with responsibility. And all those chores no longer felt so fun.

Being a responsible adult is all well and good. It says we are capable of contributing and bringing value to the whole. It says we value the wellness of our livelihoods and our relationships. That’s beautiful and doesn't exclude finding joy in it all.

I know from personal experience, it’s not easy to choose to be a playful adult. We’ve been taught to vocally judge ourselves and others who tend to the inner child. Those who keep their playful sides are often described as selfish drains on society. I think that’s just jealousy talking. Many of us who have tied ourselves up so tightly in the binds of responsibility don’t give ourselves or others permission to healthily let loose.

So we take responsibilities seriously. Maintaining our health and wellbeing is one of the most important of them. Unfortunately in capitalistic cultures, our wellness is commonly placed on the back burner until we’re faced with a crisis. Why is that? 

Maybe we put it on the back burner because many frame the work of healing and health maintenance as something painful, arduous and boring. And we have enough painful, arduous, boring things to attend to, am I right?

Yes, it can be challenging. Rewiring our brains and bodies, looking at our patterns and creating new ones takes effort. 

I often ask clients what joyful things they envision being able to do when they have a healthy, flexible body and mind. Are they climbing trees and jumping in the sea? Are they traveling to foreign places? Painting or dancing to their favorite song? Laughing with their friends trying something new and exciting? This vision of hope keeps the motivation going when it feels easier to backslide into old routines.

Yes, life comes with struggles. It comes with enough unknowns to leave us reeling. But creating a life path that prioritizes play trains us to see all life’s obstacles as challenges to beat. Some rounds are more frustrating than others. Sometimes we get to the boss level and get kicked back a few spaces. But if we were paying attention, we know how to approach it better next time. And damn does it feel good celebrating finally getting to the next level.

So for those of us who need to hear it: the recess bell is ringing! It’s time to let your inner-child out to play!

If you need someone to playfully partner with I’d be honored to be of service! 

I work with early adolescents and adults who are seeking a partner to help them joyfully make lasting holistic behavior changes for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Book your free consultation with me today!


I'd also like to announce I’m moving over to Substack. For please consider migrating with me and subscribing there and recommending me to your friends!

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