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The Spinach in Our Teeth

Sometimes when we gaze in our inner mirror, the reflection isn’t pretty. There are things that others see in us that we don’t see in ourselves until it’s pointed out. As mortifying as that can be, that’s one of the best parts of having people in our lives. It’s seldom easy to receive but honest reflection is essential if we wish to continue evolving into a truer essence of ourselves.

For some reason when we’ve hit adulthood, we’ve been taught to pretend like we know everything there is to know about being a human. If we do something that hurts ourselves or others, it can be painful to have it called out. Yet, if it’s acknowledge and we modify our behavior it’ll have much better outcome than repeating the actions and having the same hurtful result. We’re allowed to make mistakes and learn lessons a million times until we finally catch on. The more honest people we have in our lives that our willing to give us feedback, the faster we can learn.

Hold on to the friends that hold you. —Hold you up when you need a lift. Hold it down when you’re feeling like you’re floating away. Hold you in their arms when you need a hug. Hold a mirror up so that you can see the spinach in your teeth and the booger in your nose. Hold you accountable for your actions and your words.

These are the ones who see the radiance in your soul. They see the sprouting of your growth. They believe in your integrity. They trust you are strong enough to receive honesty when you’ve missed the mark. We are only as strong as the social net that holds us.

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