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They say with practice comes perfection but that’s not really the case. With practice comes progress. The more we practice, the more progress is made and we start making our way to “excellence” but never perfection. While striving for perfection can motivate us to produce high-quality outcomes, it also seems to lead most to overwhelming anxiety and disappointment when absolute perfection is not reached.

Instead of idolizing “prefectionism”, I’m in favor of “trying-our-best-ism”. Our best changes from day-to-day depending on how we’re feeling and other circumstances, but as long as we’re giving it the best we’ve got, there’s no regret to be had.

I very intentionally surround myself with people who try their best at whatever it is they do. And as it just so happens, their bests are reallllllly good. They inspire me to want to level up and bring my best to the table too. Yes, they’re absolutely humans with wide-ranging emotions with good days and not as good ones. But the point is that they’re trying and not giving up even when they stumble. And that's where growth and progress happens.

What ever it is you do that brings you a sense of purpose, sparks your passion, your creativity, your curiosity—go for it! And don’t be weighed down by being a perfectionist, elevate up by trying-your-best-a-sist.

<3 <3 <3

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