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Tuning In

What frequency are you tuned to? The harsh rhythms and deafening static amplified in our world can get overwhelming. It can leave us so desperate that it seems the best option is to switch it off entirely. In those times, we just need to turn down the volume, take some slow deep breaths and spin that dial in our minds to get a clearer channel. When we turn our attention to the beautiful, harmonious pieces of the world— that’s the sound that fills our innerscape.

What is going right in your life? Who are the people you're most grateful for? What brings you joy? What brings you peace? Hold that vision for a while and feel the lightness that fills you up.

Life isn’t black or white, good or bad. There aren’t clear heroes or villains. Life presents a spectrum of experiences and we get to choose which notes to focus on and how we perceive them. I’m not saying ignore the sour notes entirely. If we all did that, there would be no change.

But how we perceive those atonal parts of life makes all the difference. We could think, "this person is a terrible player and shouldn't have the right to play music." Or we can just think, "oh, this person’s instrument needs tuning or needs a better mentor to practice with. We could think, "all music sucks" or we can think "there are parts that have value that we can keep and the rest of it just needs a rewrite, how can I help?"

We all have a hand in composing this grand symphony. The more we tune into the parts of life and people that compel us to be more loving, more energized, more generous, more hopeful and open to life the louder peace and joy become.

Here’s to tuning in to the best that life can offer and taking the baton into our own hands!

If you’d like to learn practical tips and tricks for tuning into a more vibrant and harmonious frequency in your own life, please schedule a session with me today! I’d be honored to be of service.

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