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What's in Your Hand?

None of us gets to choose the cards we’re dealt. Many of these cards we'll keep in our hand for the entirety of the game. We’re all born into bodies and environments that alter the way our life is going to play out. How we view and use the cards in our hands is up to us. As we grow, we learn the strategies those around us use and we often follow suit. Sometimes those strategies aren’t actually very helpful to us and that’s worth noting as the game plays on.

Just because everyone around us is rushing around making moves for the sake of movement, doesn’t mean we have to. When we sit back, take a pass, and observe for a while, we eventually realize that it’s up to us to decide how to make the best possible moves out of the hand we have.

It’s easy to fall into bouts of resentment and envy when we see others seemingly have a better hand. But we never know which cards others are keeping close to their chests or what kind of rounds they played in their past to get to where they are. And it’s also important to remember, that parts of this game are rigged. It’s in our best interest to change the rules of the game when we can so that more people have the option to succeed, ourselves included.

Sometimes the best option is to courageously get up and take our cards to a table with people that welcome us in and don’t try to cheat us. Having people at our table that we trust and are fun to play with often makes all the difference. And it’s important that we do an honest check-in with ourselves to ensure we’re playing fairly too.

As the game plays on through the years, there will be some fantastic hands and some really shitty ones. No, it wasn’t our karma or God’s punishment—most of the time it’s just the luck of the draw. How we play it next is up to us.

If we relax and remember it’s all a game anyway, we'll have a better time while we're here. Without some challenges, we’d be bored. All we can do is do the best with the cards we have before we lay them down for our final play.

If we continue to play with light hearts and creative minds we’ll find that our next hand is even better than we could have ever imagined. Either way, the least we can do is have fun trying.


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