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When we’re doing what we do

When we’re acting from a place of loving passion. From a place of curiosity and wonder— anything is possible. And those around us feel the heat from that luminescent place. It invigorates us all to the core.

I find it’s not so much what we’re doing— but how we’re doing it when we’re doing what we do. We can all get mired down in the misbelief that all we can offer the world is monetary, material or a few talents or skills. But it’s our energy and the way we choose to channel it that makes all the difference. When we're really passionate about what we're doing, that love is felt and received and makes whatever we did all the more better.

I like thinking about the Japanese concept of ikagai. It roughly translates to “the reason for which you get up in the morning.” Ikagai combines what we love, with what innate skills we have with what the world needs right now that also can ensure we can meet our personal needs.

I firmly believe when we operate from this space, everything that is meant to work out will. For everything that doesn’t work out, in time we’ll find that failure was needed to bring about something more aligned for us.

There is no lack of opportunities for us to play a part in the transformation of this world. We all know this world could be a more peaceful, joyful, compassionate, and abundant place for all. It can feel daunting at times but it’s also exhilarating.

If we reach a place where we don’t know what direction to go, it can be helpful to look within and ask ourselves a few questions:

What brings you joy? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What are you doing in the moments in your life when you feel your best?

What are you good at that brings you pleasure?

(Ask family and friends for feedback if you’re having difficulty coming up with solid answers.)

What would you like to see improve in the world?

What can you do that combines those first 3 and also meets your needs, financially, emotionally, and physically?

Not all of those answers will come swiftly. But you’ll notice that just by taking pauses to investigate those queries, answers will start to appear. And once you do start getting those answers—

What patterns and themes are popping up?

There could be many fulfilling answers and that can feel overwhelming too. Take the time to imagine how living this life would play out.

What would your typical day look like?

And then slowly, but surely, start to transition your life in that direction. It may feel a bit scary so make sure you surround yourself in inspiring, kind, supportive humans to help you keep that fire burning.

Here’s to keeping our sparks alive, stoking each other’s fires and lighting up the world around us!

If you’re looking for someone to help you find your ikagai, I’d be honored to be of service. Reach out to set an appointment today!

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