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Winter Solstice

Art by: E. O Connor

Happy Winter Solstice!

Congratulations to us!

We’ve made it halfway through the dark!

It’s only more and more sunshine from here on out in this next revolution!

As one spiral comes to a close and a new one begins, this is an ideal time to reflect…

What has really changed?

What has been learned?

What has been lost?

What has been gained?

What has stayed the same?

This hasn’t been an easy year. Loved ones have been lost. Income sources have dried up. Chosen paths have become more unclear and uncertain. Relationships have dissolved and transformed. While some have become more healthy, the health of others has markedly declined physically and mentally. Many bodies and hearts are ailing and are desperately calling out for love and care.

On top of it all, the hyperawareness of our world in turmoil---socially, environmentally, and politically is heavy upon us.

But within all of our loss, we gain MORE.

More perspective. More patience. More truth. More growth. More wisdom.

More space to be creative and adapt. More compassion for ourselves and others.

More gratitude for the loved ones that are still here in whatever form.

And for the relationships that have deepened their roots.

More understanding that none of these blessings are to be taken for granted.

I truly believe none of us are given more than we can handle together as a community. And sometimes the lesson is that we just have to surrender. Let go of trying to control those things that are out of our hands. Let go of trying to be somebody we weren’t born to be. Let go of the relationships with those people and things that don’t inspire us to grow, even if they once did.

I pray that with each spiral we are more content with stillness and silence and our own reflection. That we are less paralyzed by disappointment and the need for the approval of others. And that we learn to love and give compassion to all the parts of ourselves and each other we never thought we could.

And I pray that we fill the spaces made by the losses in our lives with newfound prosperity, beauty, growth, adventure, authentic connection, and love.

I'd also like to say to all those caught up in holiday mayhem or saddened that they have no holiday mayhem to get caught up in

—remember to breathe.

Just the fact that you can do that is a gift. This can be a stressful and/or lonely time of year. This is a perfect time to reach out to one another to receive and give support. And the perfect time to check in with ourselves and give ourselves the love and attention we deserve.

The grandest present you can give anyone—yourself included— is your loving, attentive presence. That quality time, where ever you choose to place it, is a gift worth more than anything you can wrap under the tree.

May this coming year make us no longer afraid of the dark and

may we find more spaces to shine our light.

<3 <3 <3

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