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You Don't Need Underwear Outside Your Pants

You don’t need a cape, x-ray vision, or underwear outside your pants (it is pretty fun though) to instill hope and inspire others with your actions and words. Your greatest superpower is that no one else is YOU. No one has your brain, your heart, your spirit, your experiences, your body, your imagination. Only you get to choose how to wield your powers and share them with the world.

The constant examination of how we measure up next to others only slows us down. What matters most is...

how we use our gifts and continue to strengthen them.

How we honor ourselves and our potential.

How true we are to ourselves and others.

How much we’ve listened and learned from our experiences and people around us.

How much we love—love others, love ourselves, love the world as a whole.

And how much fun and grace we have while doing it.

Together with resilience, integrity, and a strong support system—we all have it within us to be the superheroes we’ve been waiting for.

Sending waves and waves of love and blessings to all of you, my supremely powerful brothers and sisters. <3 <3 <3

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