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Your Body is an Instrument

Your spirit is the artist. Your body, the instrument. It’s beautiful and uniquely yours. It doesn’t matter what it looks like or how old it is.

Your body is an instrument. Care for it. Tune it up. Blow off the dust. Oil those keys. Just as importantly, bring it out to play! It’s not made to just rust away in a box. It’s the energy that comes through that matters the most, not how well it’s polished or the shape of its structure.

Your body is an instrument. It longs to color the world with the song your spirit sings. It’s a conduit of your dreams. Your hopes. Your love. With your spirit as its guide, it’s made to alter the world for the better. To make yours and the lives around you feel brighter, comforted, pushed to question the status quo. How you play with it. Who you let play with it—that’s up to you. As long as you’re not harming anyone with it, get funky with it.

Your body is an instrument. Made to play in tune with the vibrations of the universe. Let it sing. Test out all its notes. Listen to it. The symphony you compose with it is your legacy. We have a finite time to play these instruments.

Make every note count.

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