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Choose Your Own Adventure

Life reads like the ultimate choose your own adventure book. There are so many pages to turn down and many of them are just as riveting as the next.

We were not born with another person’s copy. We’re rifling through our very own one-of-a-kind edition. There isn’t really “the right or wrong choice” as much as an aligned or not so-aligned one for us in that moment. I mean, there are definitely the “you fell off a cliff” choices that makes sense to avoid but most choices are more nuanced and subtle.

Some are quick to judge others for the choices they make without even taking the time to read a single page of another’s story or take a gander at the options that were presented. That’s the choice they make and it isn’t our obligation to seek their approval.

No matter what we choose, there will be bouts of joy, harrowing pitfalls, and mundane bits matched with unexpected twists.

Sometimes we try to slip in a bookmark and hope the same choices appear when we flip back to them. But inaction is a choice. It has consequences, positive and negative, as much as any action does. There is no turning back the page. If we do come back to those choices they likely won’t be the same anymore or if they are, they likely won’t result in the same consequences.

As we get more comfortable in our lives, we can almost forget that we are making these choices each day. We can fall prey to switching on autopilot and just cruising through life. Pages and ages pass by without really feeling like we're the protagonist of our own tale. If our life is harmonious and fulfilling, then the choice makes sense to stay on course and see this adventure through. But if it’s not feeling great, it’s a good time to reevaluate and change courses to something that feels more aligned to our current needs and desires.

Choices are made somewhere between instinct and intention. What does your gut say? What about your heart and mind? As long as we aim for it to come from a place that’s guided more by love and courage than apathy and fear the outcome will make for an epic story.

Wishing you and yours a lifetime of adventure and happy ever after!

P.S. If you’re looking for someone to help you untangle your story and create one that captivates you so much that you don’t want to put it down, reach out to me! I’d be honored to be of service. Schedule a one-on-one with me today!

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