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Gettin' Some

We all like getting some action, right? An often overlooked way to really get some is by voting in local elections.

On Nov. 2nd St. Pete citizens will be deciding the direction our city will be going in. But there are local elections going on all over the country. Local elections almost always have a low voter turnout so, your voice is even louder and more important when you participate.

Do we want to progress or do we want to be repelled back in time? Do we want equity? A better natural and social environment? Do we want affordable housing? Better schools? Or the opposite? Our votes get to decide this.

Personally, I voted for those who I believe are more interested in looking out for our natural environment and all our citizens regardless of ethnicity, income level, gender, sexuality, and age than anything else.

Check out to get a comprehensive understanding of what you’re voting for.

I choose candidates and amendments that I believe will improve the quality of life for all citizens in my city. But please do your own research. Follow the money. Look at who is supporting which candidate. Look at how those candidates make their income.

Since we do mail-in voting,(super convenient and easy) I’ve already gotten some! You can do early voting too and sign up for mail-in for future elections. Go get some action and make that freedom bell ring!

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