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Making Friends

Making friends with all the versions of ourselves can be tough. I imagine we all like the joyful, confident, relaxed versions of ourselves but what about when that’s not who is showing up at the moment? Can we give compassion and acceptance to those versions of ourselves too?

Anxious Liza is not my favorite person to be around. Low self-confidence Liza is no fun and talks mad shit about me. And hooo buddy, watch out when Hangry Liza is on the scene, she's ferocious.

I try to meet my needs best I can to prevent those Liza’s from ever arriving. But when one of them pops in for a visit, I’ve found the more I try to escape her or feel ashamed of her, the further I get from being “At Peace Liza” and she’s my favorite.

Nervous us. Fearful us. Angry and sad us. Needy for attention us. Sick, tired, and in pain us. They all deserve love. They all deserve acceptance and understanding. Those versions of ourselves aren’t there to make us miserable, they’re there to send us a message. There are needs that aren’t being met and they love us enough to tell us.

So what is the version of you in need of?


To feel healthy and safe physically and emotionally?

To be loved, understood, and accepted?

To play and create?

To make your own choices and control your own life?

To feel a sense of purpose and contribute to your world?

YOU deserve all of that. And it all starts by making friends with that person in the mirror, whatever version shows up.

I am sending love and prayers of peace to each and every one of your versions!


If you're looking for someone to help you make friends with and meet the needs of all the versions of yourself, I'd be honored to be of service. Reach out to me to book a session today!

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