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Spoiler Alert

Spoiler Alert:

There have always been injustices. There has always been suffering. There has always been fear and anxiety. There is no telling if or when they will ever entirely dissipate from our world. Becoming apathetic and ignoring that fact doesn’t help. But I’ve also found that constantly sitting in and spreading misery and hopelessness has yet to make the world a better place either.

We’re all humans. And a part of being human includes feeling pain, disappointment, anxiety. Those emotions aren’t here to paralyze us or indicate that we're failing. Those e-MOTIONs are there to put us into motion, just like the rest of them. Feelings help us learn from our past and guide us into the future so that we make decisions that benefit our highest good.

Like everyone else, I get thoughts that are depressing when I think about the past and current state of affairs, both on personal and global levels. I can get anxious about the future for myself, children, and future generations.

That’s why I spend much of my day naturally self-medicating and am a passionate self-care advocate. I start my day with a deep breathing and gratitude practice, followed by yoga. I listen to music, dance, write, make art, and play outside as much as possible. I spend most of my time with the people I love, doing purposeful things that I love. I purposely sleep 8-10 hours a day and eat nutrient-dense food and drink lots of water.

When all else fails to bring me out of my funk-- I take in and focus on nature and the beautiful wild, creatures of the world. Nature teaches and inspires me to just be and do my thing the best I can and that’s enough.

To me, no matter what happens, it’s worth trying to make a positive difference in our own lives and the lives around us. It's worth the effort it takes to raise awareness and possible solutions about issues that are important to us and to radiate the love within us. And most importantly, embracing the wild things that we are, doing the best we can and knowing that is enough. We are ENOUGH.

May we all find our peace with the wild things.

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