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Sriracha Lettuce Wraps

Serves 4


2 T. Sriracha

1 T. Grapeseed oil

1/2 C. Minced onion

1 T. Grated ginger

3/4 lb. of Ground meat/Boca burgers/ Baked Tofu/Quorn chick’n

1/4 C. Sliced green onions

1 medium yellow squash

3 T. Lime juice

2 T. Chopped roasted peanuts/almond slices/pumpkin seeds (optional)

1 1/2 T. of Amino acids/Soy sauce/ or Fish sauce

1 T. of Chili garlic sauce

8 Leaves of Bibb lettuce

1 C. Cucumber matchsticks

1 C. Carrot matchsticks

1/2 C. Cilantro

1 medium Avocado


  1. Mince onion and grate ginger

  2. Slice green onions in bite-size pieces and yellow squash thinly

  3. Matchstick cucumber & carrot with a grater

  4. Combine sriracha and oil and put in pan at medium-high heat, until mixture starts to bubble

  5. Add yellow onion, ginger, and squash. Stir for 1 min.

  6. Add protein. Raise heat to high. Stir constantly for about 6 mins. Brown DON’T BURN.

  7. When all turkey is brown and slightly crispy, turned off heat. Toss in green onions, lime juice, roasted nuts/seeds, amino acids/soy sauce/ or fish sauce, and Thai chili sauce. Fold to combine

  8. Divide mixture evenly among the lettuce leaves. Top each leaf with 2 T. of cucumber and carrots, and 1 T. of cilantro

  9. Slice avocado into quarters and place in each wrap

  10. Serve with fresh limes, if desired.

Goes well with roasted veggies or soup on the side.

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