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War - What is Good For?

As we once again watch war being waged on the other side of the world, I know many of us are stricken with grief and paralyzed by feelings of helplessness.

It's so painful to think about all the suffering. The majority of the people who are harmed by war are innocent humans just trying to live. They have hopes. They have dreams. They have eyes that glitter with joy and weep with pain. They have every right to feel safe and to prosper as we do.

And it's not just civilians that suffer. We hear phrases like “enemy”, “insurgents” in order to make us forget that these “enemies” are also fellow human beings. My heart weeps for the selfless young people deeply desiring to help their nation. Those that are tricked by misguided power-hungry puppeteers into giving up their bodies and their peace of mind to be used as disposable tools. They are led to believe they're doing something that promotes the well-being of others. They're told they're securing freedom and giving freedom to others.

I’m grateful for hearts that care so deeply for others as to put their own lives on the line. The desire to protect others is noble, no matter what side of the world you’re on. But when you dig into the outcomes of wars, we see, war is mostly for strategically bullying other countries into submission and taking their resources and territory. It's easier to see this when it's not our nation taking the role of the bully; but it's important to acknowledge that the US does this more than any other nation.

I often envision what would happen if we gave all the money and energy given to the military into education and caring for the vulnerable. Instead of death and destruction, we'd have vibrant life and limitless innovation. The peace, the joy, the unlimited potential that would blossom would grant us the ability to evolve to a higher plane. We'd be free to explore new ideas, to make deeper relationships, to live in harmony with all life on Earth and beyond.

There is so much in this world that is out of our control. But I find the more we intentionally fill ourselves with hope and lend our hands out to help—we’ll find that we are neither hopeless nor helpless. A lot of the political and social issues we’re having right now are lessons in why voting in ALL elections for politicians and policies that promote peace is vital. It's also a clear message of the importance of investing our resources in places that promote the world we seek to live in. In our little corners of the world, we get to choose to make a difference for the better. If not for our sake, at least for the sake of the precious little beings that are inheriting what we leave.

May all hearts be healed and filled with peace and compassion. And may we lay down our weapons and pick up empathy, collaboration, communication as our tools to resolve conflict and heal all relations.

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